[AUUG-Talk]: Wind up AUUG: Objections?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Oct 25 18:07:34 EST 2008

David Newall wrote on 22/10/08 4:01 AM:

> From the response to my request to the board for contact details, I
> believe that AUUG does not have a functioning Board.  As a further
> result, I believe the only course remaining is to apply to have the
> organisation wound up.  Does anybody believe differently?

This complete public silence is just stunning.

It seems the only collective action that paid-up members are capable of
is blocking or VETO. Preventing others from acting it seems is a far,
far better thing than doing anything yourself.

The consensus amongst posters on this list was "Let AUUG die gracefully".
 So we took a vote.

Can those who didn't renew (no notices) vote?
 NO, The Rules Must Be Followed....

But not silly parts of the rules like calling elections or filing
corporate notices...

So the Chosen Few voted - and their voice was "AUUG Must Live".

Then the Great Eight did what AUUG does best - NOTHING.

If you *voted* for AUUG continuing, then you are morally bound to act on
that. Those who voted 'continue' made a very definite individual &
collective statement that AUUG was to remain *as is*, and that implies
you were willing to fulfil that desire
 - i.e. ACT as needed.

By refusing to even discuss the question, "What Next?", the AUUG paid-up
members are just digging themselves a hole.

There is an offer on the table for a successor organisation to take over
the DNS and lists. Yet no counter-offers are made, no acceptance is
made, nothing is done to continue the operations of the current structure.

You don't have to accept the offer, BUT YOU DO HAVE TO ACT.
AUUG needs to become ACTIVE again or windup the current structure.

Board Members are personally liable for Association debts.
It's possible Association Members might also have liability.

If the Association gets investigated by the Victorian Dept. responsible,
they will find a mess and many failures of Fiduciary Duty.
It's a problem *I* don't want to find myself facing.

There *will* be costs and penalties.
If lawyers are needed, those costs will be impressive.

PLEASE *DO* SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to resolve this stagnation.
And I suggest *sooner*, rather than later.


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