[AUUG-Talk]: Getting a Plan to move on

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Mar 17 10:30:59 EST 2008

David Lloyd wrote on 17/3/08 2:44 AM:
> AUUG is dead. Plain and simple. The only reason it's alive is because
> it has no idea what to do with the Lion's Fund Award.
I'd dispute your assertion...
There are at least 3 people (Lehey, Rothwell and ???) who are ready and
willing to create a new entity.

The current incarnation of AUUG is dead - yep, 100% agree.

What's so hard about the current Board letting that happen?
I guess the same reason that it was so hard to organise a) the
conference b) the AGM and c) the Last Ballot:
    the absence of Liz.

AUUG started to whither when branch conferences ceased.
It started to die when the big national conferences with exhibitions
were abandoned.
Liz's sudden departure was always very threatening and turns out to have
been fatal.

The dissolution ballot was meant to be the coup de grâce - to put it out
of its misery - but it still lingers on.

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