[AUUG-Talk]: Getting a Plan to move on

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Mon Mar 17 02:44:04 EST 2008

AUUG is dead. Plain and simple. The only reason it's alive is because it 
has no idea what to do with the Lion's Fund Award.


steve jenkin wrote:
> The 'lets not dissolve in a hurry' vote has been taken and those
> entitled to vote and who chose to, said "Lets keep going".
> There's a firm offer on the table by Greg Lehey, Stephen Rothwell et al
> to set up a successor organisation.
> It's name doesn't have to be the same, and it be incorporated or not...
> (Probably can't be exact same name)
> "AUUG" is probably free and the logo could be trade-marked.
> AUUG Inc has no forward plans to do anything, apart from continue the
> lists and servers.
> The current Board can donate the assets how it likes (this has been
> covered in the recent debate).
> As pointed out, assets can be donated to a 'compatible aims' successor
> organisation - so as soon as one arrives, it can be done.
> I've never seen that this needs a member vote, only Board - but I'm sure
> to be corrected if wrong.
> All that's left to be done then is for the current Board to step down,
> all the members fail to renew and the current entity to be deregistered.
> The Vic. Incorporated Associations Act, or its administering body, must
> have procedures for winding-up due to lack of members...
> => Would *someone* on the Board who can sign a cheque please get
> specific legal advice on what can and can't be done, and any problems
> that could arise - and post that advice to the list so we are all on the
> same page!
> A Plan is needed and it needs to be public, not the subject of a
> private/restricted conversation.
> I don't believe it's harder than what I've outlined above. Someone just
> has to take the reins and act...
> Already almost everybody has voted with their feet - AUUG is liked, but
> not useful enough to throw $100/year away on.
> If Greg, Stephen et al can make a convincing case for membership, then
> "Build it and They Will Come" applies.
> That's another ball-game and another set of rules and players.
> The fate of AUUG++ is not an issue for this association. It's entirely
> in the hands of the "New Management".
> stevej
> FWIW, the Official Name of AUUG:
>>From <http://www.abr.business.gov.au/>
> ABN:    15 645 981 718
> View ABN history
> Last modified:    11 Jul 2000
> ABN status:    Active from 20 Nov 1999
> Entity type:    Other Incorporated Entity

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