[AUUG-Talk]: Getting a Plan to move on

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Mar 16 23:44:59 EST 2008

The 'lets not dissolve in a hurry' vote has been taken and those
entitled to vote and who chose to, said "Lets keep going".

There's a firm offer on the table by Greg Lehey, Stephen Rothwell et al
to set up a successor organisation.
It's name doesn't have to be the same, and it be incorporated or not...
(Probably can't be exact same name)
"AUUG" is probably free and the logo could be trade-marked.

AUUG Inc has no forward plans to do anything, apart from continue the
lists and servers.

The current Board can donate the assets how it likes (this has been
covered in the recent debate).
As pointed out, assets can be donated to a 'compatible aims' successor
organisation - so as soon as one arrives, it can be done.
I've never seen that this needs a member vote, only Board - but I'm sure
to be corrected if wrong.

All that's left to be done then is for the current Board to step down,
all the members fail to renew and the current entity to be deregistered.
The Vic. Incorporated Associations Act, or its administering body, must
have procedures for winding-up due to lack of members...

=> Would *someone* on the Board who can sign a cheque please get
specific legal advice on what can and can't be done, and any problems
that could arise - and post that advice to the list so we are all on the
same page!

A Plan is needed and it needs to be public, not the subject of a
private/restricted conversation.
I don't believe it's harder than what I've outlined above. Someone just
has to take the reins and act...

Already almost everybody has voted with their feet - AUUG is liked, but
not useful enough to throw $100/year away on.
If Greg, Stephen et al can make a convincing case for membership, then
"Build it and They Will Come" applies.

That's another ball-game and another set of rules and players.
The fate of AUUG++ is not an issue for this association. It's entirely
in the hands of the "New Management".


FWIW, the Official Name of AUUG:

>From <http://www.abr.business.gov.au/>
ABN:    15 645 981 718
View ABN history
Last modified:    11 Jul 2000
ABN status:    Active from 20 Nov 1999
Entity type:    Other Incorporated Entity

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