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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Mar 16 13:32:49 EST 2008

Chris Maltby wrote on 16/3/08 1:25 PM:

Agree: Better cost structure is necessary for any future for AUUG.

"Trading whilst insolvent" is specifically an offence under the
Corporations Act and probably doesn't apply.
AUUG comes under the VIC Associations Act - not sure if that rules applies.

I always thought, but never checked, that board members were
*personally* liable for Association debts...
Not sure if that liability extends to all members -

=> That legal opinion the Board got on their/AUUG's options, now would
be a good time to share it.

> Leaving aside the question of what "trading" AUUG might be engaged in
> for a moment, is there a suggestion that AUUG is presently (or will
> soon) be trading while insolvent? If so, the directors have their duty
> clear to either cut expenses or increase income or get a loan with
> reasonable prospects it can be repaid.
> But, using slightly less precipitous language, it would be good to see
> from the board (or others) possible plans to move permanently to a lower
> cost structure that is sustainable within the resources available.
> Chris
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