[AUUG-Talk]: Re: does auug have a future?

Kim Hawtin kim.hawtin at adelaide.edu.au
Tue Feb 19 17:11:56 EST 2008

Peter Miller wrote:
> In the same vein, LA has a large and active annual conference, with many
> students attending.  I think this would be an excellent venue for the
> John Lions student prize.  The LCA paper selection committee already
> evaluates papers on their merits, it is a very small additional effort
> to choose the best student paper.  I also believe that LA can be trusted
> to manage the prize trust (they have plenty of other money, they have no
> need to raid it) but the detail of the where to park the funds doesn't
> fuss me, and you can park it with the JL chair or anywhere else that you
> wish.  It's the LCA conference I'm most interested in suggesting.

An idea from a discussion from this years LCA miniconf organisers suggested
that one of the ways that AUUG could get some interest going - there is
definitely an interest in other UNIX like OSs at LCA - was to run an
"AUUG Mini-conf".

I ran a Mini-conf this year - while its a fair amount of work to organise - I
thought it was very worth while given the positive feedback I received.

There were about 23 Mini-conf submissions and 14 selected. So the interest in
Mini-confs is growing, along with the size of the audience that attends LCA.

I believe that it would be worthwhile for AUUG to put together a Mini-conf, as
the interest in Solaris, OpenSolaris, MaxOS X, Dtrace and friends, is only
growing in the community that attends linux.conf.au.


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