[AUUG-Talk]: Query about "unincorporated successor AUUG's" and AUUGs domain

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Feb 16 11:33:23 EST 2008

David Lloyd wrote on 15/2/08 11:15 PM:
>> - We *would* like to hold events, but that's down the road.  First we
>>   need to reestablish a membership base, and then we can see whether
>>   the members are interested in being active.
> Agreed - but you won't compete against the Linux user groups.
Where do *professional* Admins and Unix-o-philes go at the moment?

This is the AUUG niche - "where do you go when your LUG or LA can't
answer your questions?"

Professionals have a whole slew of different questions and different
classes of problems/concerns:

- they are working for _others_, their systems aren't for their sole
- they can't afford intellectual or moral 'purity' - others set the
agenda, context, conditions
    - e.g. interworking with disparate systems & products
    - using less than great products that are mandated by 'policy'
- they have to meet schedules, budgets, ...
- they often have to comply with defined Processes, Methodologies or
- Quality, Performance & Security are crucial and often very demanding

If you are working in a mixed AIX/Solaris environment with IBM Tivoli or
HP Open View or CA Unicenter, a LUG or Linux Australia aren't where
you'd expect to find answers...

With the rise of large outsourcers, the draw of AUUG and SAGE-AU has
lessened - perhaps radically.
"Sharing Trade Secrets" or admitting "we don't know everything" are
either counter-cultural or cause for dismissal.

But there are still a bunch of people - like the computing staff at Unis
- that have to provide a wide range of services, operate on a shoestring
and survive in a complex & hostile security environment.  i.e. perfect
for AUUG membership

Could the collective wisdom of the list, *this* weekend, bend itself to
identifying these niches for a new AUUG.
[We are under time pressure here - this is "do or die" time folks]


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