[AUUG-Talk]: Query about "unincorporated successor AUUG's" and AUUGs domain

Andrew Rutherford andrewr at iagu.net
Sat Feb 16 12:02:11 EST 2008

On 15/02/2008, at 10:45 PM, David Lloyd wrote:

> Apart from nostalgic reasons, why do we want AUUG to continue? Do we  
> really think the non-Linux vendors will matter any more? The only  
> REAL survivor I see is Solaris. HP UX, DEC Unix, AIX and all are  
> going the way of COBOL; they're being used but they're not being  
> renewed; they've become too expensive or risky to replace. But they  
> are dying.

Assumptions upon assumptions! (Yes, I know you're playing devil's  
advocate here, so that's expected. :-)  There are significant areas  
that Linux User Groups don't cover:

- Operating Systems that are not owned/driven by a vendor and aren't  
Linux, such as the various *BSD O/S's.

- Mac OS/X. You say the only real survivor is Solaris, but Apple is  
introducing Unix by "stealth" into the general populace. I say  
"stealth" because although it's not hidden, many average end users  
don't know it's there.

- People supporting commercial applications or even non-commercial  
applications in a commercial environment on Linux-based systems are  
often made to feel unwelcome in Linux user groups because of  
ideological issues against commercialism from a small minority of  
people in Linux user groups.

AUUG has a strong history in welcoming all of these users. We need to  
push that we are not just a variation on a Linux user group, that we  
offer real benefits to a different group of people.

FYI, my organisation does software development of commercial  
applications on Mac laptops to be installed on predominantly FreeBSD  
servers. Much as we quite happily support the same software running on  
Linux as well, we've always found AUUG members much more relevant to  
problem solving that Linux user group members. We've also hired people  
I met at AUUG conferences.

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