[AUUG-Talk]: Any activity?

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Wed Apr 23 07:46:46 EST 2008


David Newall wrote:
> Frank Crawford wrote:
>> 	While I'm not on the board, I'd propose that the board drops the
>> membership fee to $10, effective immediately and then try and encourage
>> some of the past "rabble rousers" back in and convince them to stand for
>> election.

> There is nothing for AUUG to do.  It's members do
> nothing collectively, except the occasional social meeting, and these
> occur in spite of AUUG, not because of it.  These social meetings don't
> even get written up for the web, which is a pity, not to mention
> selfish.  (I'm particularly glaring at the "Calzone Gang".)

I haven't seen you at an AUUG meeting in SA, which we've held 
consistently every 2nd Wednesday at the same place, for the past 12 
months or longer. One of us announces it to the South Australian mailing 
list and I'll generally announce it to LinuxSA when it's the December one.

I take particular offence at your suggestion that any SA AUUG member is 

> You who are members:  get off your lazy hind legs and do something.

Yes, for example there's a meeting we hold every 2nd Wednesday, 7 PM at 
Marcellina's restaurant in Pulteney Street in Adelaide. YOU could 
actually come along and I extend that invitation despite the fact that 
you seem to imply that the people who do come along are "lazy, bunch of 
no-good bums who pretend to be members.".

> The
> current situation is a farce.  Failure to wind up at the recent vote was
> shameful.  How dare you keep AUUG in this limbo when you know perfectly
> well that none of you are willing to do anything.  As you are hell bent
> on not winding up, then at the very least change the constitution to
> automatically expel any member who fails to make a contribution within a
> 90 day period.  I'm serious.  AUUG has no use for the current, lazy
> bunch of no-good bums who pretend to be members.  If you do nothing then
> piss off.

I don't know if suggesting anyone is "selfish", "lazy" or a member of a 
group described as "[a] lazy bunch of no-good bums" is the type of 
contribution that AUUG needs at the moment. This type of accusation is 
likely to drive people AWAY from AUUG rather than draw people to it.

If AUUG is so offended that we've met under its name for the past two 
years on a regular basis (and it could be longer), at the same place and 
that we've bothered to ensure that at least the SA mailing list members 
are aware of it, then the board can write to us ON THIS MAILING LIST to 
ask us not to BUT I expect such a message to come from The President and 
the Board.


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