[AUUG-Talk]: Conference Update

David Purdue david.purdue at auug.org.au
Tue Sep 25 18:24:04 EST 2007

David Newall wrote:
> What's going to happen to AUUG?  It would be a pity to see it struggle
> on, depleting its bank until nothing is left.  LA would use the assets
> appropriately.  I would also trust them to run the Lions award in a way
> that continues to honor the man.

Unfortunately the AUUG constitution requires that any funds left as
dissolution go to an organisation with similar aims and objectives. LA
is not that, as it does not promote Unix. The Computer Society of the
IEEE is a much closer fit, with its work on and promotion of standards
based computing.

The IEEE also has an excellent track record of managing awards; although
I think the trustees of the Lions Award fund would like to see the money
go to the funding of the Lions Chair at UNSW.



David Purdue
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