[AUUG-Talk]: Conference Update

David Newall david.newall at auug.org.au
Tue Sep 25 08:09:48 EST 2007

Leon Brooks wrote:
> Speaking as a *past* member of the LA Committee, I can say
> that at the time, LA were definitely interested in keeping the
> positive as[ects of AUUG intact. but weren't all gung-ho about
> leaping into that breach because we weren't absolutely
> certain that we'd be doing the right thing.

LA is already doing the right thing; its success reflects that.

> My own opinion is that AUUG & LA have different characters,
> and each is useful to different segments of the FOSS & the Unix-
> in-general communities in Oz. However, there is more than
> enough overlap to justify shared organisational structures.

They taste the same to me.  The only long-term hope I see for AUUG is 
for it to wind up, handing assets to LA, and then for LA to keep AUUG's 
name instead of their own! ;-)  It's an honorable name, rich in history...

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