[AUUG-Talk]: Conference Update

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Tue Sep 25 07:52:49 EST 2007

On Tuesday 25 September 2007 00:46:53 David Newall wrote:
> Dave Horsfall wrote:
> > On Mon, 24 Sep 2007, Christopher Vance wrote:
>>> This will be the last AUUG conference, so don't miss it.

>> So all the alleged nay-sayers were right, right

> What's going to happen to AUUG?  It would be a pity to see it
> struggle on, depleting its bank until nothing is left.  LA would
> use the assets appropriately.  I would also trust them to run
> the Lions award in a way that continues to honor the man.

Speaking as a *past* member of the LA Committee, I can say
that at the time, LA were definitely interested in keeping the
positive as[ects of AUUG intact. but weren't all gung-ho about
leaping into that breach because we weren't absolutely
certain that we'd be doing the right thing.

I'm reasonably sure that the attitude would remain fairly similar
but have CC'ed the current Committee in on my reply so that
they can correct me if not. I strongly suspect that CC'ing them
in throughout the conversation (or at least until we're sure
that an LA Ctte member is reading this list) would be a
reasonably bright thing to do.

My own opinion is that AUUG & LA have different characters,
and each is useful to different segments of the FOSS & the Unix-
in-general communities in Oz. However, there is more than
enough overlap to justify shared organisational structures.

For more context, /ME waves to all of the Mainlanders from Oz's
second-smallest state/territory.

Cheers; Leon

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