[AUUG-Talk]: Lions Chair/Dissolution of AUUG

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Nov 27 15:50:08 EST 2007

David Newall wrote on 26/11/07 11:48 PM:
> The constitution says what should be done on AUUG's dissolution, which
> I paraphrase by, "give the assets to charity."  A chair-endowment is
> not a charity.
Donations are tax-deductible.
By implication, UNSW has satisfied the ATO that these purposes are
Charitable under the Act.

Could you expand on what definition of 'charity' you think is implied in
the AUUG constitution.

There is another option:

    Change the AUUG constitution to allow for final dispersal in
accordance with Member wishes.

That would require AUUG hanging around a little longer to go through all
the procedural hoops.
But not that long.  General Meetings don't have to be annual.

Changing the method of 'attendance' and 'meeting notice' to include
electronic/telephonic would allow most members to attend via
tele-presence and reduce meeting costs.

There is also the matter of who is a Member.
Since Liz left, AUUG has not been sending renewal notices.
This seems to imply that the Board was no longer collecting membership dues.
A reasonable inference is that dues were discarded, either by explicit
decision or by 'action'.

Collecting membership fees directly before a GM to proposing to wind-up
the organisation and disperse those monies seems misdirected to me...

The 'Talk' list was setup for members.
Is it reasonable to declare that all people on the list are Members?


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