[AUUG-Talk]: bequests and benefactors

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Dec 11 19:09:07 EST 2007

Peter Miller wrote on 11/12/07 11:17 AM:
> Just as I see no conflict in presenting a substantial donation to the
> John Lions Chair (even though it spans some but not all of our Aims),
> I also see no conflict with presenting a substantial donation to Linux
> Australia (even though it spans many but not all of our Aims).

Great summary and impeccable reasoning.

The money can be split to both LA and UNSW (JL Chair).
But it dilutes the effect to both.

If the AUUG money goes into LA:
 - will it make much of an impact?
  - Will the name of AUUG live on?

I don't know, but suspect 'no' to both.

The JL Chair will find the money useful, and will create a permanent
plaque recognising the donation.

My suggestion:
    - Donate all the money to just one place.
    - by Democratic vote of the people who can still be bothered to be
    - Find someone sympathetic to hold the DNS, website, 'historical'
> Should the decision be made, explicitly or by default, that the AUUG is
> to be dissolved...
> I would move that:
> if upon the dissolution of the AUUG there remains after satisfaction of
> all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever,
> (a) any liquid assets (cash on hand, term deposits, bank account
>     contents) be donated to the UNSW Lions Chair for Operating Systems;
>     and
> (b) all other tangible and intangible assets, including DNS domain
>     Names, trademarks, copyrights, computers, routers, office equipment,
>     etc, be donated to Linux Australia Inc.
> I am sad to think that the AUUG may dissolve, but it would appear that
> its day has come and gone.  It's legacy, however, is alive and well.
> Regards
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