Voting/board membership Re: [AUUG-Talk]: Re: Don't close AUUG down!

David Lloyd lloy0076 at
Tue Dec 11 13:18:07 EST 2007

<big snip>

If push comes to shove, ALL the Associations Incorporation Acts in 
Australia essentially provide a way to appeal to the relevant body 
(generally part of the Attorney General's Department) to pass a special 

Technically speaking, I believe that constitution changing motions 
require special resolution and the power stems from there [if you can 
change the constitution you can do anything the empowering act allows 
you to do]

So...we need to work out what *we* want to do.

I'm ABSOLUTELY certain that in the event where we do conclude that 
*something* should happen that, providing we didn't pay unfair or unjust 
costs, getting legal advice as to how to do it is well within our powers 
to do so.

[in fact, with the amount of money floating about it would be *wise* to 
do so, once AUUG works out what it wants to do].

Therefore, what we really are asking is:

"Let's pretend we can do whatever we like with AUUG (within sensible 
limits - donating its money to an illegal crime ring is obviously not 

What do we want to do?"

Once we can answer that, we can then start to work out how to do it. You 
can't work out how to do something if you don't know what it is you want 
to do.


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