[AUUG-Talk]: AUUG: Time to pull the plug?

David Newall david.newall at auug.org.au
Fri Sep 15 16:17:40 EST 2006

Greg Rose wrote:
> Second, in the event of a wind-up, I would remind people that a 
> significant amount of AUUG's cash is actually reserved for the John 
> Lions Prize for research into Open Systems (or whatever the correct 
> title is). I see many people in favour of putting money towards UNSW's 
> John Lions Chair, which is good, but I'd go further and say that, at 
> the very least, the endowment for the prize morally *must* go in that 
> direction. 

I think a strong case could be made that stewardship of the money could 
be transferred to Linux Australia, to be used for the purpose originally 
intended.  Just because AUUG is unable to run an annual prize doesn't 
mean that it can't be done.  An annual prize will serve John Lion's 
memory better than a chair, because a chair is one person but a prize is 
an exciting incentive for every student.

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