[AUUG-Talk]: Re: Sell me an Apple!

stephen white steve at cs.adelaide.edu.au
Tue Mar 28 23:07:34 EST 2006

On 28/03/2006, at 8:55 PM, Greg Black wrote:
>> There is something wrong with your machine. All your subsequent
>> conclusions are based on your hardware being faulty.
> It must be great to be able to make such confident assertions
> about a machine that you've never seen.

You too can make confident assertions.

	I have a PC that doesn't display at all. Is it operating normally?

If you answer "no", then you should be feeling great too. :)

> But, even if it worked properly, what I'd think is pretty much
> what I think now.

OK, that's fair enough.


   steve at cs.adelaide.edu.au

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