[AUUG-Talk]: 30th anniversary

Steve Landers steve at digitalsmarties.com
Mon Jan 23 23:52:34 EST 2006

On 23/01/2006, at 8:40 PM, Dave Horsfall wrote:

> On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Steve Landers wrote:
>>> I can't put my hands upon my Lions' Books right now (the  
>>> originals, of
>>> course) but I seem to recall a timeline in there.  The date  
>>> certainly
>>> sounds right (I was not at the conference, but I was *there* when  
>>> the
>>> US$200 tape arrived).
>> According to the timeline, that was December 1975. No mention of  
>> AUUG's
>> founding date though (at least, not that I can see in the first  
>> half dozen
>> pages or so).
> Now you're going to ask me to look through my old AUUGN archives (yes,
> they're locked away in cardbox boxes somewhere).

FYI Alastair Irvine is working on getting the AUUGN archives online  
(he's got all my old copies but that's an incomplete set). I suspect  
he'll be in touch at some stage :)



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