[AUUG-Talk]: 30th anniversary

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Mon Jan 23 23:40:09 EST 2006

On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Steve Landers wrote:

> > I can't put my hands upon my Lions' Books right now (the originals, of
> > course) but I seem to recall a timeline in there.  The date certainly
> > sounds right (I was not at the conference, but I was *there* when the
> > US$200 tape arrived).
> According to the timeline, that was December 1975. No mention of AUUG's
> founding date though (at least, not that I can see in the first half dozen
> pages or so).

Now you're going to ask me to look through my old AUUGN archives (yes, 
they're locked away in cardbox boxes somewhere).  AUUG, of course, 
post-dated Unix by a year or so.

We missed the boat on UNIX, so it looks like ORGAN will have to be next 
(assuming anyone here remembers that).  Greg?  Ian?  Chris?  Who the hell 
is here, anyway?

> > Are we going to let Billy get away with celebrating 20 years of dro$$?
> Billy who? ;-)

Ken who?  Dennis who?

-- Dave

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