[Talk] Re: AUUG moving forward

David Lloyd lloy0076 at rebel.net.au
Fri Mar 22 11:03:33 EST 2002


> cases. What does have to be remembered is that if there is not the money to
> pay a staff member then it has to be done by the members and then the entire
> picture changes. People need to ask themselves could they really spend whole
> days at a time on organising the conference? Other events? Maybe take a week
> off work to spend doing things. Once upon a time that appeared to not be a
> problem but today I would be hard pressed to take that sort of time out. Do
> not get me wrong this may be the way we go but we have to think hard about
> it also.

I'm not sure about the time off, however it would be something that I 
would consider doing during holidays. Why?

a) "organised AUUG-2003" looks good on my CV
b) AUUG benefits by my contribution

A mutual benefit delivered to both parties.

I'm also certain that one could contract the management of conferences 
to suitably qualified people or organisations.

On the other hand, having a full-time staff member is very useful and, 
in my opinion, justified. The question is, really, can we afford this?


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