[Talk] Re: [AUUG-ANNOUNCE]: AUUG moving forward

Miles Goodhew miles.goodhew at antlimited.com
Thu Mar 21 23:09:10 EST 2002

Glenn Satchell wrote:
>>From: Greg Rose <ggr at qualcomm.com>
>>(There are probably legal wrinkles to be 
>>worked out regarding incorporation as an association, but I'm sure we could 
>>find 20 people to pay $1 per year for membership, or whatever it takes.

I like the idea of changing the organisation in this direction. There's 
really no logical need to keep a lot of the "tangible" components of the 
organisation _for their own sake_. Otherwise we might end-up paying 
directors fat salaries, hiring Nick Whitlam, introducing a "membership 
rewards points scheme" - all just so the organisation becomes larger, 
more cashed-up and substantial. Which is simply not what AUUG is about 
That's not to say that AUUG should simply "downsize" itself- I prefer 
reading AUUGN on paper (got to keep those evil trees at bay, after all), 
but I'd still be happy enough if the same well-edited information was 
available online.

> You make, say, $1 out of the conference fee go towards membership, that
> way you don't have the overhead of collecting it separately. But you
> let anyone sign up for the mailing lists.

I think it's a noble idea, but it might be a bit restrictive on people's 
"freedom not to associate" - you might want to sit-in on a speech 
without joining AUUG.

Anyway, another 2c spent.


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