[Talk] Re: Reminder: Discussion of AUUG futures on auug-talk mailing list

Greg 'groggy' Lehey Greg.Lehey at auug.org.au
Mon Jul 8 17:09:32 EST 2002

On Monday,  8 July 2002 at 15:57:42 +0930, David Lloyd wrote:
> Greg,
> AUUG mailing lists seem to be quiet in comparison to some LUG mailing
> lists and the main FreeBSD mailing lists. The busiest mailing lists seem
> to be the free-for-all, talk about anything technical or not (and
> sometimes go way OT). AUUG seems to have made the lists I've looked at
> AUUG members only and that is certainly that the SA Chapter executive
> actually have a reasonably defined policy with reasons (1).

JOOI, how do you confirm membership?

> In my opinion, this "closed mailing list" -- that is open to only paid
> up AUUG members -- is self-defeatist. People can join other mailing
> lists free of charge and talk about unix until they have nothing else to
> say, so why pay to join one of AUUG's?

talk at auug.org.au is not a closed mailing list.

> called "talk" is to, ummm, "talk" and noone is talking maybe we should
> consider ways in which to get people "talking". And before anyone pipes
> up and says "but I don't want to be on a busy talky mailing list" then
> unsubscribing is just as easy as subscribing; if they want only to hear
> announcements then there is a list solely for announcements.
> By the way, if people haven't a clue that "talk at auug.org.au" exists, how
> are they going to know that "announce at auug.org.au" exists? It's a
> chicken and egg problem if you ask me :-)

Well, the chicken is called Liz Carroll, and she adds people to
auug-announce@ (not announce@) when they join, unless they
specifically ask not to, so they would have to know about it.

See complete headers for address and phone numbers

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