[Talk] A request of real-world SysAdmins/SysManagers/CIOs...

Gary Schmidt Gary.Schmidt at oz.quest.com
Thu Dec 5 17:53:22 EST 2002

> Also, given the wide variety of monitoring systems out there, are they
> sure they want to reinvent this wheel?

Well, it's what Quest does...  We have I/Watch, FogLight, and BigBrother on
the monitoring side, and the various SpotLights on the diagnostic side.

> I'll grant one exception to the whole scheme, and that is if they are
> planning to leverage an already well-defined protocol for management/
> monitoring, such as JMX.  In such a case, the benefits gained might
> just tip the balance.  An intelligent native interface to an 
> appropriate
> C API wrapped by a JMX node might be OK.
I will lay very long odds that the folk involved know nothing about JMX.

		Gary	B-)
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