[Talk] Open systems - who gives a *&^%?

BlakeAGoddard at aol.com BlakeAGoddard at aol.com
Fri Dec 6 06:15:41 EST 2002


I've been lumbered with writing a report type thing for someone who wants to 
know if open systems are a universal cure all for the info integration 
problems of a business. 
I asked him what he meant by open systems and he said he didnt know and that 
was part of the problem. Magic. Anyway, I've decided that all systems are 
open its just HOW open, and open ranges from developers only allowed in, to 
business people, to suppliers, to business partners, to customers, and 
ulimately to everyone allowed in (eg Internet). Theres loads of hype about 
open system enablers like XML and web services being just around the corner, 
but what do YOU think? Are the security and co-ordination issues just too 
much for anyone except the big boys who have been doing this sort of thing 
for years?
Let me know what you reckon by Sunday - and naturally I'll credit you in my 

Blake :P
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