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I think the idea is interesting & sound.
Will a Yearly AUUG Compendium be widely read?
=> Can't know without trying.

BTW - will this be a web-only affair, or In Print?
Printed means we can sell to Libraries.
On-line means we have to get it into Google Books or organise on-going

When money is involved, its gets complicated for the AUUG Preservation
Society. It won't be having a bank account.
Nor, most likely, will it be formally incorporated.

There are two main tasks of an editor:
 - set the agenda
 - identify specific authors & approach them for content.
    Then "herd the butterflies" and see what's available
    at publication time.

Specific Authors:
 - if any of you know authors who already have written
   good/suitable pieces, please nominate them.

 - any people you'd *like* to write something on the topics.

 - other people who've written on important topics
    you'd like to see in the edition.

 - Stand-out Authors & Conference speakers from Years Past.
   - Where are they now? What interests them? What have they done?
   - How does there previous paper/talk stand up now?
   - What's surprised and/or delighted them?

My *suggestions* for content of a first edition:
[please post your own suggestions]

 - Three Themes/Sections:
    Looking Forward,
    Looking Back,
    What's Happening Now.

 - Looking Forward (my suggestions)
   - Microsoft, OS/X and Linux - an ecosystem or competitors.
   - Appliances, servers and Unixes. Lives & Niches.
   - Where's Hardware going? What will that do to Systems?
   - The Internet Changes Everything:
      what will be the same & different?
   - Will we see A New Important O/S?
      Have we hit 'End of Days' on O/S versions?
      Like 'C' won the race for lingua franca.

 - Looking Back
   - Personal Journey's, biographies, ...
   - Revisiting past seminal papers
   - What we Learnt. What we'd do Differently.
   - Why we are where we are.
   - Everything Old is New Again. Rediscovering past Big New Ideas
   - ...

 - What's Happening Now?
   - Hot New Topics, ReInventing Past Breakthroughs.
   - Kernel Hacking, real-time, advanced programming issues
   - Cloud Services, Grid Computing
   - Virtualisation, Server & Desktop Hardware, Networks & SANS'
   - Firewalls, Auditing, Logging & Log Analysis, Authentication
   - Scale Up, Scale Out, Server Room architectures & Design
   - Performance Analysis, Capacity Planning/Forecasting
   - Databases, DBA tools, Disks, Storage, Backups/Restores
   - Load Balancing, Clustering, Service Failover, Scale & Performance
   - email, DNS, IDS, Security
   - Web Farms, Web Services, SoA, Web 2.0
   - Single-signon systems
   - Printing, User Management, Desktop Support, HelpDesk,
      Problem/Bug Tracking
   - Billing, Operations (lights-out?),
   - Software Distribution, Config Mgt, Release Mgt, Failover/Continuity
   - Rollouts and Upgrades

Anyone out there?
Anyone got suggestions or contacts?

What are our next steps if we decide to do this?

AUUG Webmaster wrote on 5/9/09 12:54 AM:
> Hi Craig,
> Thanks for your thoughtful suggestion, which I've passed on to the AUUG
> Preservation Society list and the AUUG talk list.
> Regards,
> David Newall
> AUUG Webmaster
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> Subject: [Webmaster]: Aussie overseas inquiring about AUUG
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> comment = It's a bit sad to see the AUUG in poor health.
> Computers are notorious for rapid obsolescence. However, unix doesn't
> play by those rules. Old unix books still have a lot of value, and
> people with unix skills are on a career path that is healthy. A few
> months ago I visited a customer in Germany, and found a 70 year old BSD
> admin. We switched tips about ksh editing modes and scripting tricks.
> There's a special sort of community in this.
> I think a valuable role for AUUG would be to orient around the idea of
> producing an annual monograph that aims to be by and for unix hackers,
> with the intention of that its contents would be long-lived. It could be
> compiled by a guest editor each year - there are plenty of cool
> Australians around in unix worthy of such an honour. No copyright on
> editions - have sales but encourage people to spread the PDFs as well.
> Distribution of the paper copise of the book would be distributed to
> members. You'll find that the paper copies would become collectors'
> editions.
> This would be a thoroughly appropriate continuation of the Lions' tradition.
> I don't like being part of mailing lists, and am reluctant to join the
> 'talk' list mentioned elsewhere on these pages. However, if these
> comments resonate with anyone receiving this email then let me know. I
> wrote the software that sits underneath "Jigsaw Publications" in
> Adelaide (I now live in London) and could probably contribute to
> low-cost printing costs if there was interest in this idea.
> fullname = Craig Turner
> sender = craig at logicscope.com
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