[AUUG-Talk]: Scans of old AUUGNs, pt 2

Frank Crawford frank at crawford.emu.id.au
Tue Oct 13 22:25:53 EST 2009

To bring you up to date with where the Google scanning is up to, all the
AUUGN's that we have multiple copies of, have been sent off for
destructive scanning.  That is basically V6-25, less a couple of
specific issues.  I now have more of the missing ones to add to the list
(from Munro Saunders).

At present I don't have a date for when they are expected to be online,
however, it should be this year.

Google have some advantages over Warren's setup in that it does not
revolve around a single person, and should have better indexing
facilities (yet to be confirmed).  (Warren is also after some of the
indexing details too.)

However, despite those comments, I'd like to thank Warren (and John
Dodson who also did a couple) since it gives AUUG a copy that we
control, and we are looking at getting some of the copies that Warren
has to replace any missing ones with Google.

So, really these from Warren and Google will compliment each other and
give us something to move forward with.


On Tue, 2009-10-13 at 21:31 +1100, Edwin Groothuis wrote: 
> On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 04:38:57PM +1100, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
> > Hi Warren,
> > 
> > On Tue, 13 Oct 2009 15:16:03 +1000 Warren Toomey <wkt at tuhs.org> wrote:
> > >
> > > I would dearly like some people to snail mail me the missing issues so I
> > > can complete the set, on the understanding that I will have to break the
> > > spine to do the scanning, and I will snail mail the originals back.
> > 
> > Are you aware that Google have been sent a complete set to scan?
> Are you aware that it hasn't been scanned yet?
> Edwin

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