[AUUG-Talk]: Re: [Auugps] AUUGPS and AUUG status

Christopher Vance Christopher.Vance at auug.org.au
Thu Oct 30 11:27:03 EST 2008

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 11:08:13AM +1100, Lawrie Brown wrote:
>Clearly there are vacancies on the board. Per the rules, the board (ie
>Peter :-) can coopt members to fill said vacancies. He has coopted me
>(after I volunteered earlier this year). We are about to coopt more
>people from the remaining members to get a functioning board. And yes,
>it does indeed look like many will be ACT based.

Speaking as a past member of the board, I think having a bunch of ACT
people doing this is probably a good idea, at least for now.

One reason I believe the last few boards have been so paralysed is the
lack of face to face meetings, and the lack of ability to coordinate
regular meeting times, even by teleconference.

When everybody is overcommitted and the vanishingly small time
available to person A doesn't coincide with that for person B, even
phone meetings don't happen.  When there's no synchronous
communication, there are no decisions and no action.  And when people
can't/don't even reply to email, it just gets worse.

Having a group of people who can actually meet together occasionally
make it more likely that things will happen, but AUUG doesn't have the
funds to fly people in regularly from all over to make that happen.

Christopher Vance

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