[AUUG-Talk]: Still alive?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Oct 5 09:34:41 EST 2008

David Newall wrote on 5/10/08 4:14 AM:

And while we're Dreaming the Impossible Dream, there were requests made
in the last year to drop/reduce membership fees ($100 for no services
isn't going to be paid by most folk).

The Board demurred citing "due process" and time needed.

What happened?

> Frank Crawford wrote:
>> 	I've been planning to ask the same question.  Is AUUG still alive?  I
>> don't know of any election or any other activity lately.
> There was a call for nominations for the board in April, as was required
> by the constitution, but I don't remember any election, and indeed there
> need not have been one if only one nomination was received for each
> position.  I also don't recall any announcement of the results, which is
> poor form.  The board is elected for 12 months from July 1 to June 30,
> and is required to meet twice per year, and I don't think there's been
> any announcement of it meeting yet, this year.  The board must have at
> least five members to make quorum, and if there aren't five members then
> the board cannot meet or act, and I think, AUUG cannot conduct business.
> So back to updating the Web: Who was elected, to what position, and what
> are the contact details?
> And as usual, is there anything to report?  Perhaps a board meeting?
> Thanks.
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