[AUUG-Talk]: Still alive?

David Newall david.newall at auug.org.au
Sun Oct 5 04:14:27 EST 2008

Frank Crawford wrote:
> 	I've been planning to ask the same question.  Is AUUG still alive?  I
> don't know of any election or any other activity lately.

There was a call for nominations for the board in April, as was required
by the constitution, but I don't remember any election, and indeed there
need not have been one if only one nomination was received for each
position.  I also don't recall any announcement of the results, which is
poor form.  The board is elected for 12 months from July 1 to June 30,
and is required to meet twice per year, and I don't think there's been
any announcement of it meeting yet, this year.  The board must have at
least five members to make quorum, and if there aren't five members then
the board cannot meet or act, and I think, AUUG cannot conduct business.

So back to updating the Web: Who was elected, to what position, and what
are the contact details?

And as usual, is there anything to report?  Perhaps a board meeting?


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