[AUUG-Talk]: an auug 'cts' meeting in sydney

Greg Rose ggr at qualcomm.com
Tue Mar 18 04:50:41 EST 2008

I live in San Diego these days, but I'll be in Sydney 4-17 April, and 
would be happy to attend, see old faces, talk about open source stuff 
that we're doing.


David Vincent wrote:
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> Hello,
> I'd like to meet some AUUG members past and present (if there is a 
> present) in the greater Sydney area.  I don't have a good idea of where 
> those on the Talk list are physically located.
> If there are enough of us and we're not too widely dispersed, I think we 
> should do some kind of face to face meeting.  I'd like to avoid board 
> business and the future of AUUG, and instead see if we can concentrate 
> on some 'cool technical stuff' again.
> If there are too few responses, that will be evidence in favour of some 
> of the views expressed here in Talk.
> If there are lots of responses but we then fail to follow through, then 
> that should teach us another interesting lesson.
> Supposing for the minute that you might be interested...  I'd suggest 
> that you think about unusual things that you might be doing in your 
> work, school, home, or correctional institution.  It might be best to 
> concentrate on things that fall into the 'Unix but not Linux' class, and 
> stuff that might be peculiar to Australia or to Sydney.
> For instance, in my workplace we use Linux boxes at most developers' 
> desks, but...
>  - some of us prefer BSD over Linux for the desktop
>  - our target hosts run VxWorks or Windows rather than Linux
>  - a number of our test hosts run Mac OS X
>  - we have a weird build system to support the above, using Perforce Jam 
> rather than Make
>  - we use the project change manager Aegis, which originated in Australia
>  - we use Unix and other open source tools to manage a library of 
> thousands of bitmap images so as to test the behaviour of printer and 
> driver software
>  - we still support a few proprietary Unix targets
>  - our group is an island of open source users in a company otherwise 
> serviced by a fairly conventional Windows-centric MIS department
> If you felt you could give an informal talk and answer questions on 
> something like the above, I'd like to hear from you.
> Another thread of activity suggests itself for people who were in AUUG, 
> and that is the history of computing in Australia.  There is an 
> Australia Computer Museum Society (acms.org.au) and there's been least 
> one worker (curator?) at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney who has been 
> interested in uncovering little-known stories about computing in 
> Australia.  Perhaps some common interest could be found to help posterity.
> warm regards,
> David Vincent
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