[AUUG-Talk]: Waiting for New AUUG

Skip relay12b at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 17 15:12:39 EST 2008

Greetings to all on the mailing list in particular those that read and are waiting for those 30 AUUG members to embrace change.

I have been involved many years ago with the Perth Chapter. Having read the last 4 months of discussions on the AUUG mailing list(s),  I am like I guess are many other non-financial members rolling their eye just waiting for all this political debate (yes it is and I don't wish to debate it that's my opinion) to finally end at some action take place. 

Personally I would go for Gregg's option - free membership run on a shoe string budget + volunteer basis, so I'll join if it goes that way.  Maybe a future with focus on some Unix web pages like the stuff that used to be in the Newsletters, maintaining the web site, a decent forum software system (it's time to retire python based discussions) and promote/re-nurturing the local groups back to life. Events are not even on the horizon.

As for the idea of an AUUG free membership only if you particpate - well that's just too difficult a model.

Survey those of us who will visit the website and participate in the New AUUG with AUUG free membership. I'll watch for the invite on auug-announce list :-)

So how many people are this mailing list?

Kind regards
Skip Ryper

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