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Michael Strong mike at metaskills.com.au
Sun Mar 16 09:23:16 EST 2008

Thanks for the mail.

I guess I have missed the ballot due to an extended outage of my domain
while it was re-homed.

Right result anyway.

Now the challenge is to make AUUG relevant again.

Can I get an update on the discussion so far?

Please keep emailing me and I will try to contribute to the discussion.

Regards,  Mike .... 
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After waiting a few days to allow any redirected snail mail
to eventually find a letterbox (and there was none), we have
a result.

Short story:
	FOR	8 votes
	AGAINST	12 votes
The motion is defeated.

Random comments:
- Approx half the membership voted.  Whether that means anything
  in particular, I'm not sure.
- All votes came by email, in spite of the concerns raised
  by various people.
- Getting together with Frank was easy because, even though AUUG is
  an Australia-wide organisation, he lives in the next suburb. :-)

Thanks to all for the various things they did - the email address,
the mail collection (even though there wasn't any), etc.

Kevin Dawson
AUUG Returning Officer
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