[AUUG-Talk]: Rules of AUUG and maximum terms

Greg 'groggy' Lehey Greg.Lehey at auug.org.au
Thu Jul 31 08:48:43 EST 2008

On Wednesday, 30 July 2008 at 21:43:12 +1000, Karl Auer wrote:
> I seem to recall that the AUUG rules required office-bearers to stand
> down in some sort of rotation. Looking at the Rules on the AUUG website,
> this does not seem to be the case any more - or maybe I'm thinking of
> some other association :-)

I don't think it's AUUG.  I've been through the rules several times.

> Anyway, can anyone point me to suitable wording for restricting the
> length of time an office bearer of an incorporated association
> remains in office?

If you're thinking in general, I'd suggest getting in contact with
your state associations office.  They probably have a recommendations.

> Looking for ideas, but I'm thinking of something that lets someone
> stay in a given position for no more than two consecutive years and
> on the committee for no more than four. That lets VPs become Pres,
> and allows for a certain degree of musical chairs, but eventually
> ensures that someone else gets a go.

This certainly doesn't apply to AUUG, where for years the question has
been to find sufficient people to fill the spaces.

Talking about that, what's the current legal status of AUUG?  My
understanding is that there was no election, the terms of office of
the previous board has expired, and thus there is no board.  Can
anybody clarify?

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