[AUUG-Talk]: Any activity?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Apr 24 12:25:03 EST 2008

Peter Wishart wrote on 23/4/08 10:47 PM:

Peter makes excellent points.

> 3. We will reduce the membership fee, but income does need to be in-line
> with expected costs.  And in order to collect any monies, it costs us
> money.  Having credit card payment facilities (the most convenient form of
> payment) incurs costs.   Expect fee reductions to be announced soon.

AUUG has always derived most of its revenue from the Big Yearly
Conference (Official title: "Winter Conference"). The BYC happened
because Wael Foeda used to do it, then Liz. She left and it all went to

This is chicken and egg.
There won't be events without income, and no income without events.

Having a budget based on membership fees doesn't reflect the historical
sources of revenue of AUUG.
A fee structure like linux.au.conf's would seem a good idea.

=> This is a bootstrap problem.
  How does AUUG get the BYC 'large enough' again?

A: Hire a Professional Organiser again - preferably, someone who'll do
it for a percentage of the Gross...

AND if needed, get some volunteers to kick in the seed capital if
there's not enough left in the bank. (On the understanding it is
returned out of profit/surplus).

This doesn't have to be BIG so long as it turns a profit, it can be
built upon... Getting 50 paying conferenceteers shouldn't be hard if
some planning and preparation are done. 100 would be better, and maybe
even possible.

We, the members, may not have time to give, but the bulk are old enough
to be able to spare some money on something like this.

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