[AUUG-Talk]: Any activity?

Peter Wishart Peter.Wishart at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Apr 23 22:47:07 EST 2008

On Wed, April 23, 2008 9:22 pm, Frank Crawford wrote:
> ... You are both doing useful things for AUUG in
> general and the activities show that there is still some life in the old

Speaking on behalf of the board ... I absolutely agree.    The board
supports and seeks to encourage these grass roots activities.   In the
last board meeting we agreed that the way forward was to look at ways to
stimulate more local meetings.   So we are absolutely behind (for example)
the meetings being conducted in SA using AUUG's name.   We regard those
sorts of meetings as a core part of AUUG and absolutely support them.

There are still active engaged members of the board, although at the
moment it is a small number.   Some members are leaving the board after
recognising that they no longer have the capacity to support board
activities.    That creates yet more vacancies in the board, but it does
allow others to take over some functions which were in a form of limbo.

In a recent board meeting, we have agreed that:
1. We need to support and encourage local meeting activities.  Board
members should be pro-active in this area.
2. Conducting local meetings in AUUG's name requires some form of AUUG
backing, like public liability insurance.  This is a cost, but we need to
carry it.
3. We will reduce the membership fee, but income does need to be in-line
with expected costs.  And in order to collect any monies, it costs us
money.  Having credit card payment facilities (the most convenient form of
payment) incurs costs.   Expect fee reductions to be announced soon. 4. We
will reduce operating costs even more, by removing things like the post
office box and the mailbox redirection - moving to electronic only - with
postal communications only by exception.
5. We need to promote the associate membership class more.  This
membership class exists now.   It is a non-voting, non-fee paying
membership that was introduced in the last round of constitutional changes.
6. More constitutional changes may be needed to recognise that the board
size should be reduced to recognise the reduced membership size.

> One of the problem as I see it is that all these things are being done
at the lowest level, but individuals or small groups.  Nothing is being
done to pull all these efforts together.

I agree.   The board needs to be more active both coordinating these
events and in actively encouraging them in key local areas.

> In fact, I see both of you have been active in trying to set some future
directions for AUUG, and could even be together on the board!

If any member is willing to join the board them please contact me.  We can
and will co-opt willing members onto the board right now.

Peter.Wishart at canb.auug.org.au, AUUG Treasurer

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