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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Apr 23 11:51:35 EST 2008

David Newall wrote on 23/4/08 1:22 AM:


I think you've nailed it - both the problem and the shape of a solution.


> Frank Crawford wrote:
>> 	While I'm not on the board, I'd propose that the board drops the
>> membership fee to $10, effective immediately and then try and encourage
>> some of the past "rabble rousers" back in and convince them to stand for
>> election.
> Ignoring the legal requirements, for the moment, what is the point in
> having a board?  There is nothing for AUUG to do.  It's members do
> nothing collectively, except the occasional social meeting, and these
> occur in spite of AUUG, not because of it.  These social meetings don't
> even get written up for the web, which is a pity, not to mention
> selfish.  (I'm particularly glaring at the "Calzone Gang".)
> You who are members:  get off your lazy hind legs and do something.  The
> current situation is a farce.  Failure to wind up at the recent vote was
> shameful.  How dare you keep AUUG in this limbo when you know perfectly
> well that none of you are willing to do anything.  As you are hell bent
> on not winding up, then at the very least change the constitution to
> automatically expel any member who fails to make a contribution within a
> 90 day period.  I'm serious.  AUUG has no use for the current, lazy
> bunch of no-good bums who pretend to be members.  If you do nothing then
> piss off.
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