[AUUG-Talk]: Re: Conference Update - TALK!!

Alan Milligan alan.milligan at last-bastion.net
Mon Sep 24 20:54:44 EST 2007


I'm in Melbourne, so I'd be happy to present something at the conference 
(sorry, I am unsure exactly what my member status is at the moment 
though ...)

I'm not sure what I might like to talk about in the system admin space, 
but maybe:

https://linux.last-bastion.net - owning and deploying your own RHN
https://build.last-bastion.net - building RPM packages and installers
http://www.last-bastion.net/BastionLedger - an open source general 
ledger for your IT consultancy business

I am even happy to talk about Zope and Plone to build and deploy 
intranet/extranet CMS systems.

Please let me know if you're interested and if you have any preferences, 
it's not an issue to accomodate.

Cheers, Alan

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