[AUUG-Talk]: Conference Update

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Tue Sep 25 23:56:39 EST 2007


>> What's going to happen to AUUG?  It would be a pity to see it struggle
>> on, depleting its bank until nothing is left.  LA would use the assets
>> appropriately.  I would also trust them to run the Lions award in a way
>> that continues to honor the man.
> Unfortunately the AUUG constitution requires that any funds left as
> dissolution go to an organisation with similar aims and objectives. LA
> is not that, as it does not promote Unix. The Computer Society of the
> IEEE is a much closer fit, with its work on and promotion of standards
> based computing.

I think it would be useful to clarify exactly what AUUG's constitution 
actually says about funds left after a dissolution? Furthermore, if it 
mentions the word, "Unix" or "unix" exactly *what* does that mean - from 
a lawyer's point of view?

Also, providing AUUG remains solvent, there's nothing in particular 
stopping it from giving a portion of its assets to [insert an 
appropriate organisation] before any dissolution takes place? I'm going 
to assume that this is the case because if it weren't then AUUG 
sponsorships couldn't have legally happened in the past.

Finally, if AUUG wants to ensure the funds set aside for the Lions award 
remains so, are there not trusts it can setup that will last longer than 
its own existence to ensure the continuance of the award? Obviously, 
AUUG would need to find someone or some body willing to continue the 
maintenance of that trust and the award and such...

So, if I were to assume that AUUG has:

* A large(?) sum of cash/realisable assets that make up the Lions award
* A possibly not so large sum of cash/realisable assets that
   make up the AUUG's funds distinct from the previous

Is there any particular reason why these have to go to the same 


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