[AUUG-Talk]: Re: The future of AUUG

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Fri Oct 19 17:35:33 EST 2007


(Andrew said the bits with more than one >):

>> AUUG, on the other hand, has maintained, rightly or wrongly, a 
>> perception that it is the elder, the correct, and that BSD and the other 
>> open system are better than Linux. I won't argue about the correctness 
>> of "BSD/Unix (with a big U)" vs "Linux" but I'm happy to argue that AUUG 
>> accidentally appeared to be condescending in this debate.
> I don't think AUUG has maintained that - perceptions are
> the big issue here; some members of AUUG may have been
> condescending, but on the whole I thought AUUG tried
> hard to be inclusive. In some ways the perception was
> reinforced by LA wanting to clearly differentiate itself.

I'm happy to agree that AUUG didn't maintain that, but the perception(s) 
didn't go away.

>>> I think that LCA _could_ (if they really wanted) become
>>> more inclusive, and this could potentially mean that some
>>> convergence did occur. I am not sure they really care, since their
>>> own world is big enough.
>> Actually, LCA is a conference...not an organisation. LA is the 
>> organisation. Could you clarify what you're trying to compare here?
> OK - in some ways LCA has become an entity in its own right,
> so I guess I was expressing the fact that the major conference
> representing Linux in Australia _could_ have become
> more inclusive.

It is becoming more inclusive, though...

>> To be frank, I find that the tone of your e-mail and the way you've 
>> expressed yourself rather amusing. I wouldn't call it diplomatic; I 
>> don't think it's diplomacy you're trying to express (if you are, then 
>> I've missed it).
> sigh... it's a metaphor, and I didn't think I would
> have to explain it. If it doesn't communicate to you an idea
> of what I am trying to say, in terms of a perception of
> exclusivity and lack of interest outside of a narrow world,
> then I can perhaps explain it a little further if you want.

I don't think I misunderstood what your words meant (apart from the 
first paragraph), but I was commenting on the way you wrote.

> This is an AUUG list, and I wasn't trying to be diplomatic (I mean,
> who am I being diplomatic to??).

It's a public mailing list and, like it or lump it, there are people 
from all types of communities listening.

> In some ways (again, this is a metaphor) I've always thought that this
> so-called `debate' between AUUG/LA has always been a case of `People's
> Front of Judea' vs `People's Judean Front'.

Perhaps you're right :)


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