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Thu Oct 18 11:19:25 EST 2007

Adrian Close wrote on 16/10/07 4:01 PM:

> On Tue, 16 Oct 2007, David Newall wrote:
>> Is this an attempt to breathe some more life into AUUG?
Not much point, membership is non-responsive.
> Is this an indication that you are interested in such an attempt?
> If so, please continue.  If not, please stay out of the way of others
> who might be.

>From the actual events run over the last 5 years, I haven't actually
seen any evidence of people "to get out of the way of".
Care to correct my impression?

And yes, I'm just messing with all your heads and could care less about

I've never been tasked with the John Lions Student Prize.
I caused the creation of the the John Lions Chair in Operating Systems -
probably better funded.

    UNSW was Johns' university. It is a good place to permanently locate
his prize.
        [he will be remembered there]
    Sydney Uni is second best.
       [very close ties with Unix community]
    Melbourne, home of Munnari & kre might be third - but would anyone
ever remember?

What's the formal process the Association has to go through to move the
JLSP funds to UNSW.
NOTE: Not into the Chair, but into one or more $1,500/pa student prizes...

UNSW in 2000 was matching individual contributions of $15,000 to provide
permanent student prizes of $1,500/pa.
[This was the genesis of the Chair, we got talked into bigger things]

For the Chair, there's a permanent steering committee - these are an
obvious group to oversight the JLSP.

And at UNSW, maybe the name could be "The AUUG John Lions Prize".  Keep
both names alive.

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> P.S.  Did you get anywhere with the John Lions Student Prize?
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