[AUUG-Talk]: A template for monthly meetings/talks.

Adrian Close adrian at auug.org.au
Tue Oct 16 16:22:34 EST 2007

On Mon, 15 Oct 2007, steve jenkin wrote:

> Anyone want to explain to me why my 2004 proposal is crap??

Doesn't seem like crap to me at all - I'm sorry I missed it the first time 

> Apart from the obvious "but who will do it" and "Not Interested Anymore" :-)

If you're including "who will show up" in the obvious, then OK.  A little 
publicity can do wonders there anyway, especially if the content is good. ;)

It really does just need motivated people (one, preferably two) in each 
location we want to do this to organise the thing and make it fly.

Anyone up for that?


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