[AUUG-Talk]: the motion to wind up AUUG...

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Thu Nov 29 18:12:35 EST 2007

Enno Davids wrote:

> For some time now, AUUG has been in what I can only describe as a death
> spiral. Ever decreasing membership (on the order of 50 or so as I write
> this?), lower attendance at meetings, both local and the national
> conferences. The core volunteers who have done the bulk of the work have
> been called upon to do more and more. Frankly, it can't go on.

As a former board member (for several years), I have to chime in and say
that Enno is right. AUUG isn't just dead, it has been for a while. Its a
factor of not enough members, not enough conference attendees, but worst
of all, not enough volunteers.

What's the point of an organization with an incomplete committee, hardly
any members, no events, and no publications? Oh, and basically no
traffic on its mailing lists.

I agree its sad, but that doesn't change reality. It seems that with a
membership in the double digits, it wont be too hard to get a quorum to
vote in favor of sending out a disillusion vote.

(I do think the letter of the constitution needs to be followed on this


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