[AUUG-Talk]: Request For Speakers for the Melbourne Development Conference

Enno Davids enno.davids at metva.com.au
Sat Jan 27 16:00:45 EST 2007


forwarding this for a friend. All replies/enquiries directly to him please...


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|From: "Daryl Moulder" <dmoulder at qtome.com>
|To: dmoulder at qtome.com
|Subject: Request For Speakers for the Melbourne Development Conference
|I am looking to prepare a list of speakers for the 2007 Melbourne
|Developers  conference on the 3rd and 4th of March 2007.
|The theme of the conference is about development tools and practices that
|are useful across a wide variety
|of different software platforms.  These can be summarised as the following
|1) Architecture and Design issuers
|2) Test driven development i.e. the use of NUnit, PHPUnit, JUnit etc
|3) Agile Development Methodologies, Scrum, Extreme Programming etc
|4) Code repository management tools such as CVS, Subversion, monotone,
|Microsoft Teamserver etc.
|Submissions are due February 17th 2007.  Apologies for the short notice.
|Daryl Moulder
|-- qTome
| 0425 784 067

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