[AUUG-Talk]: AUUG2007 speakers [Why AUUG Conf. was once so successful]

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Fri Feb 9 15:38:06 EST 2007

Adrian Close wrote on 9/2/07 3:13 PM:
> On Fri, 9 Feb 2007, steve jenkin wrote:
> Great mail Steve - thanks for your input.  :)

You are welcome.

<snip on 'Gen New'>

> Ideas?  In any case, we're going to make a better go of this for
> this year.

* Formulate a Marketing Plan
* Execute it.

Plan should get the AUUG brand/name *provably* in front of every CS and
especially O/S students currently enrolled in Aus.  You already have a
good 'carrot' - the JL prize for undergrad and Grad papers.

Plan should also involve *repeating* this, every year, for next 5 years.

With a specific focus, and limited time comittement, you should be able
to muster a band of volunteers from current and past members. Esp. Old
Farts with Time on Their Hands.  Gotta keep the Politics Level near
Zero. It's about Execution.

<snip rates>

I won't discuss rates and positioning of the AUUG conference [high, med,
low end].
That's up to the Exec and Conf. c'tee - you control the funds and have
to set and achieve your budgets.

Perhaps go back to an Event Organiser - Wael Foda was the key to the
success in the 90's.
I don't think there is evidence to support "commercial" rates attract

Are your success measures Attendance, Profit or Financial
Each has a different pricing and marketing strategy.

If asked, I will put together and run a CBR conference in the mid-year
Uni break, iff:
- I get a budget
- I get the same deal Liz got w.r.t. profit sharing
- I get to run it w/o interference, and
- I get access to the Vendor/Sponsor contacts of previous confs.
[I may also need help with website access, on-line payments and
interfacing to your accounts pkg]

If it works, I'll write it up so the process can be repeated in other
I'll also fly there for a week to help whomever puts their hand up.
>From the performance of Lawrie Browns' Summer Confs, a surplus around
$10k-$20k would be realistic.


> So, as you say, I think it's content, content, content, plus some
> astute marketing and solid organisation/smooth running that makes
> for a great conference.  We can do that.

That's very positive! And I believe you can and will be able to execute

> Thanks,
> Adrian.
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