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Fletcher, Edmund Robert Edmund.Fletcher at health.wa.gov.au
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Thanks Christopher,
Is there anywhere the members can see what the recent discussions are.
I am aware of the suggestion of the need to change AUUG (through the
email list), but that is all I am aware of. I don't know what was
proposed or the outcome of the last meeting. 

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If you want to participate in the upcoming dissolution ballot, you
must be a financial member, or must have been one within 2 months of
the return date of the ballot.  Expiry dates are always the last day
of a month.

If you're unsure of your expiry date, it can be found on your last
receipt for membership renewal, or you could email me and ask.

You can renew via credit card at <https://www.auug.org.au/join/>.

Christopher Vance
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