[AUUG-Talk]: Impact of AUUG 'de-association'

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Dec 19 08:54:59 EST 2007

What's going to happen with the AUUG branding, logo etc after AUUG
deregisters as an Association?

In the past I've helped organise events in Canberra under the AUUG 'banner'.
Could I use the AUUG 'brand' & logo again in the future? [After

My research on the Trademark shows that the AUUG logo was never
registered. It's "up for grabs" with nobody to protect it.
There is an issue with the name and logo being used in the future.

AUUG existed many years and had run quite a number of large events
before it Incorporated.
I believe insurance would've been purchased on an Ad-Hoc basis and there
was an AUUG bank account. Possibly even membership dues in later years.

If AUUG is un-incorporated (i.e. deregistered as a formal Association)
it could still exist in *exactly* the same form as pre-1984.
> ... was formally constituted on the 27th August 1984 at a meeting of
> Unix users held on the campus of Melbourne University, after nine
> years of informal existence... The first AUUG meeting was held in 1975
> at the University of New South Wales.

I can't see why that isn't both possible and desirable. Nor are there
onerous 'administration' duties for anyone.

This list & a website is really all that is needed along with some way
to specifically authorise/refuse events/publications with AUUG branding.
There might be a need for a bank account - but that necessitates
signatories and more formalism than I'd like.

It is quite clear this option wasn't considered in the framing of the
But the constitution *does* make it plain that the (tangible) 'assets'
of the organisation are to be distributed if the Incorporated
Association is wound up.

The *single* reason AUUG was incorporated was to protect members from
liabilities (lawsuits) arising from activities.
The events have wound down, that reason no longer applies.
We have *every* reason to wish that AUUG continues in some form.
Why can't we go back to being a non-fee, non-incorporated loose
coalition with common aims??

Could the Board please consider this option and report on the
structure(s) that would make this possible.
This should include the risks/liabilities to individuals.


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