[AUUG-Talk]: agm minutes

Peter Miller millerp at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Dec 18 10:49:51 EST 2007

Have the AGM minutes been posted on the AUUG web site for the benefit of
memebers not personally present?  If they have, could some kind person
point me to the non-obvious location?  If they have not, could I please
have an ETA?

Has a date been set for posting the postal ballot?  If so, when is it?
If not, when will it be known?  Has a cut-off date been set for returns?
Has a date been set for announcing the postal ballot results?  (I'm
assuming the answers to these questions are in the AGM minutes, which is
why I want to read them.)  If a member was financial at the AGM, but not
financial when the returned ballot is opened, does the vote count, or
not?  (Thus my questions about the timeliness of the ballot: I have the
difficult decision of whether to renew in January, or not, as my
membership expires 31-Dec-07.)

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