[AUUG-Talk]: Want a(n) (non-financial) organisation? Pony up.

Adrian Close adrian at auug.org.au
Tue Dec 11 15:28:03 EST 2007

Members (financial, associate or otherwise),

As you've probably seen, there has been some talk about transitioning AUUG 
from an incorporated association to some kind of "non-financial" 
organisation (presumably just mailing lists and a website for like-minded 

I have no desire to stand in the way of such a transition.  As I have 
said, I do not want to do a grim reaper act on AUUG - it's just that the 
current board (such as it is) sees dissolution as the responsible default 
position, given our financial situation and the level of interest from the 
membership.  This saddens me, but I have come to accept it as reality.

However, should there be a sufficiently large body of members (necessarily 
of financial status, given the voting and board membership requirements) 
wishing to transition the organisation to a non-financial model, I 
heartily encourage them to _get__involved_ and make it happen.

The most logical way to do this is to get on the board and start voting 
(oh, and doing some of the drudgework required to effect the change). 
The current board is unlikely to stand in your way unless you appear to 
have take complete leave of your senses (even so, out-voting them would be 
an easy trick).  On the flip-side, I suspect the current board is unlikely 
to do the work required for a transition, certainly not without serious 
assistance (so you can't just sit there and expect it to magically happen).

In fact, we could even keep the current structure and do something radical 
like reduce the membership fee, assuming a willing Treasurer can be found 
(because make no mistake, that's the single most important role) and a 
sustainable cost structure can be determined (bearing in mind things like 
accounting fees).

So, is it just talk?  Or does the membership want to make the effort to 
keep its organisation going?  There is no secret reserve of board slaves. 
If _you_ want the organisation to stick around, _you_ must get involved.

I'm taking expressions of interest from potential board members (but if 
you're not willing to become a financial member, please don't waste my 
time). You _must_ be a financial member to be on the board (yes folks, 
them's the rules no matter how much you wish them otherwise - I can't 
change them even if I want to, not without a functional board at least).

Adrian Close <adrian at auug.org.au>
President (by default), AUUG Inc.

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