[AUUG-Talk]: RE: Don't close AUUG down!

Adrian Close adrian at auug.org.au
Tue Dec 11 11:50:10 EST 2007

Forwarding message From: Philip McCrea <Philip.McCrea at ac3.com.au>:

Hi all.  Speaking as an ex AUUG President from 91-95, it is indeed sad
to see AUUG close to demise.  But that is reality.  We rode the crest of
the wave when UNIX was new, sexy, and anti-Microsoft!  Unix is now very
establishment - some might say "legacy".  The excitement has gone.  I
have a bit to do with SLUG, and the excitement we experienced with AUUG
in the 1980s  is akin to the SLUG ambience at present.

I agree that AUUG should be wound up as a financial entity, and that its
financial assets be donated to either the John Lions chair or perhaps to
a Linux cause.  The AUUG community may well continue informally - purely
to relive the past.  We may ask UNSW, as part of the John Lions chair
arrangement, to arrange for AUUG archives to be properly maintained -
both physical and electronic.  I have, for instance, a range of
conference T shirts from the early 90s that I am happy to donate to the

Phil McCrea

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