[AUUG-Talk]: Personal Contributions - AUUG's Value Add

Janet Hawtin lucychili at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 16:25:32 EST 2006

> Steve,
> > Q: Where do you go to, to find answers to technical questions??

1 Lists are the hub for information for me.
I am on a couple of fairly general ones but also subscribe to low
traffic lists on  specific topics. I sub and unsub lists depending on
needs for information and
depending on whether the list has good or unique information or people.
I use the lists to connect with specific people and follow up on
threads or issues.
Often the list is the way I find people who make sense.

2 People. Often specific people are my trusted source.
If it is general kind of information it will be someone I trust
generally, if it is specific it will probably be based on the things
theyve posted online about a topic.
Lessig hits the spot for me.

3 Search. If its something related to a specific application or tech
then I'll search for it in a webberly way.

'Technical' for me these days is mostly about law.

Brendan Scott's newsletter is great.

Kim Weatherall's blog is great.

Ed Felten has some interesting hands on stuff on Security
and DMCA at Freedom to Tinker. http://www.freedom-to-tinker.com/

CPTech and Robin Gross from IPJustice are great for WIPO broadcast law etc.

Kat has a great blog on wireless community ness

Face to face groups like air-stream, bettong, linuxsa, itshare do good stuff.
And irc can be handy too. #ubuntu-au is good value for me =).

Thanks for the question


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